Monday, October 15, 2012

Maize Harvest

We live in the maize (corn) basket of Kenya. The ground is very fertile and we get plenty of rain. The growing season is now over. People are wanting the rain to stop so the maize can start drying and they can harvest. Currently the fields look like this.

The first step in harvest is to cut the maize and put them in shocks for drying.

After the maize has adequately dried, the cobs are twisted off the corn stalks. Then kernels are removed from the cob and set in the sun to further dry. It's a common sight to see tarps on the ground with the maize spread out. You can see women sitting amid the kernels sorting and cleaning. When it clouds up men put the maize into large sacks or move it to the center of the tarps which are wrapped up to protect it from rain. The men sitting under the porch are in charge of this maize. Can you see the empty bags the maize is stored in on the left hand side of them?

Saturday we drove to a nearby town on a shopping expedition.

This is passion fruit. Andrea calls them snot fruit. That's an apt description of the texture of the fruit inside. It is tasty if you can get over the look and texture.

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